Rocking & Ride On Wooden Dog


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About Rocking & Ride On Wooden Dog

Rocking & Ride On Wooden Dog

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This rocking and ride on wooden dog promises that he will keep your kids busy!

The wooden combi dog is totally unique and superb because it rocks and also has wheels so it can be used as a ride on toy. When the child is bored of rocking you can easily remove the dog from the base so they can use it as a ride on toy.

The dog has a flexible wooden body which bends to allow the child to steer the dog. The front part of the dog’s body is made with a number of individual wooden pieces that have been specially joined together so that they flex and allow the child to steer. This is a great design without using any rubber or plastics.

Crafted by hand by a master craftsman, this wooden dog has been finished to an exceedingly high quality and specification. The wood used is a birch, and is from sustainable resources.

This dog has a lovely soft sheen finish and is individually made with attention to detail and quality, which makes this a special and distinctive gift. The dog has a rubber grip on the wheels so that it grips on the internal floor and does not leave any marks.

A unique first birthday gift for a boy or girl.

Dimensions: 74cm long, 24cm wide, 31cm height to seat.

Ages: 1 to 3 years approx

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