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About Rose Flower Cot Bedding Set

Beautiful Rose Flower Cot Bedding Set

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This set of three handmade nursery items contains:
(1) cot/crib quilt which is inter-lined for extra warmth and measures 100 cm. x 120 cm., or 39 ins. x 47 ins. approximately

(2) quilted and inter-lined cot/crib bumper which measures 34 cm. x 150 cm., or 13 ins. x 59 ins. approximately

(3) nappy stacker bag which measures 40 cm. x 26 cm. x 14 cm. deep, or 16 ins. x 10 ins. x 5 1/2 ins. deep approximately that will accommodate a pack of nappies/diapers.

This is a beautiful heirloom set which will add the ‘wow factor’ to your infant’s nursery that will last and last, passing on from one sibling to another. It’s made from top designer fabrics, by top designers Tanya Whelan and Amy Butler. The set represents a second version of our original ‘Rom’s set’, using some of the same fabrics as the original set, just distributed differently throughout the three pieces.

Pricing the set at £158.00 reflects the expensive fabrics and embellisments used, and the many hours of cutting, top stitching and hand stitching that have gone into each piece. There are approximately nine metres of hand sewn bound edges alone over the three pieces.

The hand sewing, ric racs and Broiderie Anglais have all been included to give the pieces that look of expensive exclusivity, quality and authenticity. – There is not a whiff of production line manufactor to be found anywhere in this nursery set.

The main body of the pieces is constructed from snowy white quilted fabric in 50% cotton/50% polyester and all the 100% cotton, patterned fabric panels are laid and stitched on top of the quilting. The green of Amy Butler’s pistachio ‘Sun Spots’ are echoed in the background of the pink and red roses from Tanya Whelan. The green polka dot background to the roses is echoed in the pistachio green silk polka dot ribbon that decorates the quilted blanket and all three items are visually finished with the same bound edges sewn from the Tanya Whelan ‘Delilah’ rose fabric range.

The ties on the cot/crib bumper are made long so that you can tie generous bows and the nappy stacker has removable plastic handles for toting the stacker around the nursery, or from room to room and are easily slipped out of their specially constructed channels prior to washing.

Once the nappy or diaper stage is over then the stacker can store socks, toys and books, or be used to carry a budding ballerina’s dance kit to class.

The quilt is made large enough to be used on a toddler’s first bed and the cot/crib bumper, which is meant to be removed once your baby can sit up unaided, can later be used down the length of a bedside rail/guard to provide a softer protection.

The whole set will stay brightly coloured and snowy white when washed at 30-40 degrees, as long as no dark colours and no blues are included in the same washload, as even the palest blue can pass a greyish hue to a white washload.

It can be placed in the drier, but any article dried this way is, over time, robbed of its’ crispness as the drier sucks out the threads and quality of everything. I would always dry naturally and if necessary, add to the drier for ten minutes in order to remove the last bit of dampness.

As each piece is made to order, sizes can be altered to suit. Just email me with your requirements.

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