Sprinter Combi Trainer Rock & Ride Bike


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Sprinter Combi Trainer Rock & Ride Bike

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This unique combi trainer rock and ride wooden bike has so many great features! It can be used as a rocker, as well as a ride on bike with stabilisers, and when the child is ready just take off the stabilisers and use it as a 2 wheeler trainer/balance bike.

An innovative design, guaranteed to be a favourite with toddlers and parents alike. Crafted and finished by hand by the seller’s master craftsman, this rocking wooden bike has been finished to an exceedingly high quality and specification. The wood used is beech, and is from sustainable resources.

It also comes with an adjustable height seat to ensure that as your child gets older and bigger they will still be able to ride it.

The bike is individually made with attention to detail and quality, which makes this a special and distinctive gift. A family heirloom for years to come.

Available in plain or Red/Black design.

Dimensions when bike is on the rocking base: L = 105cm x W = 32cm x H (to seat) = 40 to 47 cm. Height to handle bars 54cm

Dimensions when bike is off the rocking base: L = 105cm x W = 32cm x H (to seat) = 30 to 37 cm. Height to handle bars 44cm

Suggested Age: 12 months to approx 5 years

Weight: 13kg



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