White Picket Fence Bespoke Wallpaper


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About White Picket Fence Bespoke Wallpaper

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Product Details

This White Picket Fence Mural wallpaper will transform your child’s bedroom into a country cottage with tranquil garden complete with white picket fence.

Why not bring the outside in, to your child’s room?.  A relaxing scene with pastel blue sky decorated with  birds, butterflies and flowers from the Countryside, so that they will really feel they are in their own Eutopia.  A white picket fence adorned with their very own personalised Post box will make your child feel they have their own garden in their bedroom.

This stunning White Picket Fence wallpaper mural can be personalised with your childs name to create a true feature wall and a real talking point.


Method – Courier

Cost – FREE

Dispatch Time:  14 days


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