Wooden Doll’s Pram


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Wooden Doll’s Pram

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Your children won’t be able to resist the Moover Toys’ Wooden Doll’s Pram – the design is both classic and modern with the focus on what children like to see, touch, and play with.

Imitating grown-ups behaviour is essential for a child’s development and upbringing, and these beautifully made wooden doll’s prams will encourage your child to look after their dolls, keeping them tucked up and safe in the pram, going for walks and visiting friends.

The Moover Wooden Doll’s Pram is made of high-quality birch veneer and has wooden wheels with rubber tyres. The back is made of one piece of moulded thin veneer.

Attention to detail is a real hallmark of the range with the wheeled pram also featuring shock absorbing rubber wheels to cushion baby’s speed and potential damage to furniture, giving inquisitive toddlers ultimate freedom to roam without worry!

Available in a beautiful natural colour way with cherry red accents or striking cherry red colour way with yellow accents this wooden doll’s pram is delivered fully built and ready to play.

Critically, for today’s environmentally conscious parents, each item is lovingly crafted from wood sourced from sustainable sources.   Each toy is designed to encourage toddlers to develop their motor skills confidently and at their own pace.

This stylish, traditional Wooden Pram will bring years of joy to a family with the quality craftsmanship ensuring it withstands the test of time and boisterous love.

The Doll’s Pram is suitable for children from 2 years.

If you would like the perfect doll to go in the pram, we adore our personalised traditional rag dolls who are made to look just like their owner.

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Method: Royal Mail or Courier

Cost: £5.60

Dispatch Time: 2-3 working days

This gorgeous wooden doll’s pram will be loved for years.


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