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About Personalised Wooden Egg Cup

A personalised wooden egg cup makes a great gift for Easter as an alternative to chocolate. Better still, it’s a gift that will get plenty of use all year round. These adorable little egg cups look super classy with the grain of the wood making each one unique. Furthermore, there will be no doubt over whose egg they contain. For a family who fall out over food, why not buy one each?

Whist these gifts can be wrapped up and handed over like a normal gift, there are lots of other ways to gift your personalised wooden egg cup too. Why not put one at everyone’s place setting for your Easter dinner? That way, everyone will know where they’re sitting so no arguments about the table plan. You could even put a decorative or chocolate egg inside as a special treat.

If you are hosting an Easter egg hunt, make one of the treasure stashes even more exciting by putting everyone’s chocolate egg into their own egg cup. Named chocolate hauls can reduce arguing over who gets what. Plus, everyone gets a lasting memento of their Easter adventures.

Another lovely, subtle way to gift these cute egg servers is to serve boiled eggs and soldiers for lunch. Set up the table with everyone’s egg in their personalised wooden egg cup. Then, sit back and listen to the delighted exclamations as everyone finds their seat.

Each wooden egg cup will be personalised with a name of your choice. We will write the name exactly as you give it to us, so please do double check spellings before submitting your order.

All egg cups measure approximately 50mm x 50mm.

Please note, the eggs, chocolate eggs and decorative eggs featured in product images are for decorative purposes only and are not included in the sale.


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